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Providing Welsh language services in health and social care is particularly important for vulnerable groups such as young children and elderly people.

While some good work is being done, there is general consensus that more Welsh speaking staff and stronger leadership are needed in order to strengthen Welsh language services. 

You can read about the Welsh Government’s plans to improve the situation on "More Than Just Words...".

If you work in the Health and Social Care sector there are many ways to use Welsh in the workplace to help you support those in your care. Take a look at our ‘Work in the sector?' page for more information.

Welsh Language Commissioner’s report

The Welsh language Commissioner has published a report on the issue:  ‘Fy Iaith, Fy Iechyd; Ymholiad i’r Gymraeg mewn Gofal Sylfaenol.’ (My Language, My Health: Inquiry into the Welsh language in Primary Care).

Social care 

Care Council for Wales has produced a very useful resource Welsh Language Skills In Your Workforce to help employers in the care sector assess the language skills of their employees and improve their Welsh language service. A digital version to download and print as a handy guide is also available. 

Good practice 

There are awards that celebrate Welsh services in health and social care - Gwobrau’r Gymraeg mewn Iechyd, Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol a Gofal Cymdeithasol.  If you’d like to make a nomination, there are more details on the Welsh Language Policy Unit’s website, part of the Government’s Health and Social Care Department.

More information

Information on Wales’ healthcare services is on the Health in Wales website.  For health advice, go to NHS Direct Wales.  You’ll find the Government’s latest health and social care news and publications on this page.

The Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales makes sure social care and social services are safe for the people who use them.  The Wales Care Council  ensures high standards across the social care workforce.

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