Math is the lead singer of the young rock band from Caernarfon and the Nantlle Valley who have been picked to be a part of the 2015/16 BBC Horizons 12 project.

What was your first experience of Welsh music?
My first experience of Welsh music was probably at primary school, learning songs for Christmas services! Then in secondary school I started listening to bands.

Who was your favourite Welsh language band or musician whilst growing up?
Anweledig and Frizbee, class!

What is your favourite Welsh language album or song ever?
Hard question! I think my favourite Welsh song would be ‘Cymru, Lloegr a Llanrwst’ by Y Cyrff, and ‘Mwng’ by Super Furry Animals as my favourite album.

What’s the best Welsh language music performance you have ever seen?
The Edward H Dafis gig at the Denbigh National Eisteddfod in 2013 stands out in my memory. Their music isn’t something I’d usually listen to but it was so amazing to see such a huge crowd at a Welsh language gig.

Has Welsh language music influenced your life in any way?
I think watching Welsh bands while I was still at school had a big influence on me to go and try myself by jamming with friends!

What are you listening to at the moment?
The new Sŵnami and Sen Segur albums sound great,and the band Tymbal have also stood out for me this year!

Finish this sentence ‘Without Welsh language music...’
........the language would not be alive..'

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