Radio producer and DJ Dyl Mei considers Welsh language music as his education.

What was your first experience of Welsh music?

My earliest Memory of Welsh Language music was being really into the Edward H Dafis song "Castell y Blaidd".

When I was really young, around 3 or 4 years old, I remember my dad coming home from the pub and putting a record on. For years I mixed up Ysbryd y Nos and ‘Castell y Blaidd’, singing the words of one to the melody of the other.

Who was your favourite Welsh language band or musician whilst growing up?

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci! I remember my big brother bringing the album Tatay home on cassette. I was 13 years old and had never heard anything like it. I’m sure I must have listened to Y Ffordd Oren about a hundred times that week. When Bwyd Time came out the following year I had just started playing guitar and I spent hours trying to learn songs like Iechyd Da and Miss Trudy

One of my biggest regrets from my teenage years is not going to the by-now mythical gig in Swallow Falls, Betws y Coed in 1995.

What is your favourite Welsh language album or song ever?

The album Mwng by Super Furry Animals. Without a doubt, it's the most important piece of art in the Welsh language. It sounds classic and modern at the same time. A blueprint of how every Welsh album should sound like.

What’s the best Welsh language music performance you have ever seen?

Steve Eaves’s gig in Gŵyl Arall, Caernarfon, 2013. The venue was Clwb Canol Dre, which is like something from Pheonix Nights! The place was packed but I managed to sneak in at the last minute. I’m not very familiar with Steve Eaves' whole catalogue but, after listening for two hours, I felt as if I had been listening to his music all my life. He’s the closest thing we have in Wales to Bruce Springsteen. 

Has Welsh language music influenced your life in any way?

Without a doubt I wouldn't be the person I am today without Welsh language music. It’s responsible for who I’m friends with, who I’ve lived with, my work over the years including my current job. Because of the offer to go and start working as a sound engineer in a studio, I decided not to go to university. But through being in a Welsh language band I’ve had the experience of travelling the country, meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds and enjoying myself like any student. Welsh language music - it’s like education but without the debt.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Anelog. A band from Denbigh. They haven’t officially released anything yet but I’m sure they will be the next SFA or GZM!

Finish this sentence ‘Without Welsh language music...’......Without education!'

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