John Peel discusses Datblygu and Welsh music with DJ Huw Stephens
Formed in 1982, Datblygu's experimental music aims to push the boundries. Vocalist David R. Edwards answers our questions.

What was your first experience of Welsh music?
When I was 6, going to see Dafydd Iwan in a Noson Lawen (musical variety show) with my mother. My Grandmother and Grandfather were big fans of Dafydd Iwan and bought his ‘Carlo’ record.

Who was your favourite Welsh language band or musician whilst growing up?
It’s a toss between Geraint Jarman and Meic Stevens. Later on my favourite Welsh Group of the 80s was Tynal Tywyll. But as someone originally from Cardigan, Ail Symudiad and Malcolm Neon had a big influence on me.

What is your favourite Welsh language album or song ever?
I have to say my group’s new album Datblygu – Porwr Trallod that was out December 2015.

What’s the best Welsh language music performance you have ever seen?
Y Fflaps performing the song ‘Dilyn Dylan’ on S4C in the mid-80s.

Has Welsh language music influenced your life in any way?
It’s meant everything to me since forming Datblygu when I was 17 back in 1982. I’ve always tried to bring Welsh into the modern world and beyond the dry lands of the Urdd, the National Eisteddfod, the chapel and Radio Cymru.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Y Porwr Trallod, Datblygu. As someone who creates something, if you can’t listen to your own work how can you expect others to?

Finish this sentence ‘Without Welsh language music...’
The language will have died but thankfully Saunders Lewis’ prophecy at the beginning of the 1960s was proved totally wrong.

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