© Y Selar / Celf Calon
© Y Selar / Celf Calon
From rock to pop to contemporary folk, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the live Welsh language music scene.


Welsh language music is performed live all over Wales in gigs and concerts, large and small. The National Eisteddfod is the pinnacle of live Welsh language music with Maes B and Cymdeithas yr Iaith staging artists of different genres every night for a whole week. There are other live music organisers holding gigs and concerts throughout the year like Pesda Roc, Cell B and Focus Wales in North Wales and Mafon, Nyth and Trafferth Mewn Tafarn in the south.

BBC Radio Cymru’s C2 service presents the best new music from the Welsh language scene.  You’ll find a gig list on their website, along with schedules, podcasts and a blog.

There are plenty of music festivals held throughout the year – details are listed on the Cerdd Cymru website as well as our Festivals and Events page.

Creu Cymru’s website has a full list of venues and don’t forget to keep an eye on our Events Diary.


Various S4C TV programmes feature the Welsh music scene, including Ochr 1 - a mix of live performances and music videos.  You’ll find details of S4C’s music programmes on their website. There are also plenty of videos online on Youtube channels such as Ochr 1, Ffar out blog and Y Dysgwr Araf


Y Selar is a Welsh music magazine, available free-of-charge in print and online.  It’s full of reviews, interviews, gig lists and music festivals.  Y Selar also holds an annual awards event as well as monthly gigs in Aberystwyth called O’r Selar.  For the latest news on the music scene, have a look at Golwg magazine or its website Golwg 360.


Most bands put their music on websites like Soundcloud, Bandcamp (as well as YouTube, Spotify and iTunes of course).  Just search ‘Welsh music’ or 'Cymraeg' to listen to the various bands, you can also find a variety of playlists inspired by Dydd Miwsig Cymru by searching. There is also a streaming service featuring only Welsh language music called ApTon.


There are roughly 20 Welsh-language recording labels and studios – and you’ll find all their details on Y Lolfa’s website.

Special Projects

Community Music Wales is a charity running music workshops and projects.  Its Ciwdod scheme offers support to people interested in creating contemporary Welsh music.  Race Horses and Yr Ods are just some of the bands who’ve been given a helping hand.

Another exciting project is Horizons, which was set up jointly by BBC Cymru Wales and the Welsh Arts Council to support new musical talent.  You can find more information on the Horizons website, where you can also watch videos of live performances.


If you want to keep up-to-date with the Welsh music scene, then the following blogs may be of interest.

Y Selar

Read about Welsh language contemporary music in this quarterly magazine

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A platform for experimental music and film from Wales and beyond

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