If you’re suffering from ‘hiraeth’, that particular form of longing unique to the Welsh, don’t worry – wherever you live there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Welsh language and culture.


Expat Welsh Societies are a good place to start. London has a London Welsh Club, Bradford a St David's Society and Edinburgh Cymry Dineidyn. There are dozens of other societies across the UK organising all sorts of activities with a Welsh flavour, including Welsh language lessons.

And it doesn't stop there. There's a Welsh Society in Paris and a St David's Society in Hong Kong, while the United States has Cymdeithas MadogChicago Tafia Welsh Society and other similar groups.

Welsh Language Media

S4C broadcasts over 100 hours of Welsh language programmes each week – from sport and music to major events such as the National Eisteddfod – and is available across the UK, on television and online.  English subtitles are available on the vast majority of programmes.  Simplified Welsh language subtitles are also available on many programmes.  Full details are on S4C’s website.

BBC Radio Cymru is available world-wide, as is BBC Cymru’s website, Cymru Fyw, which offers the latest news in Welsh alongside a live blog feed.  Weekly news and current affairs magazine, Golwg, has an online service, Golwg 360 while some ‘papurau bro’ – Welsh language local newspapers – also have an online presence e.g. Pobl Caerdydd.

A useful place to search for Welsh-language blogs is Blogiadur.com which brings all the different feeds together on one site.  The Ffrwti.com website gathers together Welsh language twitter feeds and also flags up what’s trending in the Welsh language.

More information on Welsh language media is available on our News page.


From books and music, to love spoons, crockery and hoodies, you can buy all sorts of Welsh goods on the web.

A wide variety of Welsh language books are on sale at gwales.com, a bilingual website run by the Welsh Books Council.  For electronic readers (such as Kindle and iPad), download the Welsh Book Council's app or you can find over 100 Welsh language e-books on Amazon.  You can also buy Welsh language CDs, MP3s and DVDs on Amazon as well as with Welsh record company Sain or from Sadwrn.com.

Both the National Museum Wales and Cadw sell a range of Welsh gifts online. Welsh language slogans or words have also proved popular on crockery, wall posters and other goods.  Adra (Bodlon and Siop Cwlwm are among the shops selling them – other companies are listed on our Shopping page and on lleol.net.

The Arts

From time to time Welsh language gigs, plays and other events are held outside Wales, usually in London and other large cities.  It’s worth keeping an eye on social media for information.

You’ll find more information on our Culture pages and Events calendar.

Learning Welsh

If you fancy learning Welsh, then language schools across the UK offer Welsh courses.

There are several places to study in London, including City Lit and the UCL Centre for Languages and International Education.  Online learning can be convenient and effective too. Podcasts and apps are available as part of numerous courses and learner forums. Say Something in Welsh and Learn Direct are just a few of the providers.

Go to our Learning Welsh Away from Home page for more information. 

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