Bible Cymraeg
Bible Cymraeg
Religion has played an important part in supporting the Welsh language and has been central to Welsh life for centuries.

All the main world religions have a presence here today, including Judaism, Islam Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

But Christianity is still the country's main faith – with non-conformity most closely associated with Wales and the Welsh language.


Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists and the Welsh Independents are all non-conformists, with chapels across Wales.  Many of these places of worship are an integral part of Welsh-language life in their communities, organising Sunday Schools and different societies and activities through the medium of Welsh.


You can also worship through the medium of Welsh in the Church in Wales, with some churches holding services entirely in Welsh and others bilingual services.

Several Catholic churches hold services and activities in Welsh, as does the Evangelical Movement of Wales.


If you're a Sunday School teacher, there are some useful Welsh-language resources on the website of the Wales Sunday Schools Council and Cyhoeddiadau'r Gair which publishes religious texts in Welsh.

The website also has a raft of handy resources, including a subscription service for daily bible verses by e-mail and podcasts. The site's translation of the New Testament in simple spoken Welsh is particularly helpful for Welsh learners.

If you want to buy a Welsh-language Bible, try the Bible Society's website or your local Welsh-language bookshop.


All the Christian denominations in Wales come together for regular meetings under the umbrella of a charity called Cytûn (which translates as 'in agreement'). You can find out more on their website.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid (Cymorth Cristnogol) is very much a bilingual organisation in Wales and works with churches, communities, schools and individuals to tackle global inequality and poverty.


If you're interested in hymns, you can sign up for the newsletter of Cymdeithas Emynau Cymru  - a society which was set up to create an online digital library documenting our hymn-singing tradition.

TV and Radio

Another good way of learning Welsh hymns is to watch Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol on S4C - the words are always shown at the bottom of the screen so there's no excuse for not joining in karaoke-style.

BBC Radio Cymru also broadcasts a range of religious programmes, including Caniadaeth y Cysegr, Yr Oedfa and Bwrw Golwg.


For information about the architecture of Welsh Chapels, check out the websites of the Welsh Religious Buildings Trust and the Chapels Heritage Society.

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