Popdy Community Centre is in the heart of Bangor

What is the aim of the centre?

To increase the social use of Welsh amongst residents of Bangor in the wake of the percentage decrease of those who speak Welsh in the last census (from 45.7% in 2001 to 38.6% in 2011).

One of Menter Iaith Bangor’s objectives is mainstreaming and normalising the use of Welsh in community and social life. The centre is a space for clubs and associations from Bangor to do this on the condition that the Welsh language is an integral part of their arrangements and delivery.

What activities / resources / services are available at the centre?


Desk space x 3, internet connection, video conference, car park, commercial space hire (2nd floor). Opportunities to volunteer, get work experience and gain new skills and experiences.


Support with regards to increasing the social use of Welsh for the strategic measure for Children and Young People, families, the community, and workforce services in Welsh. Work across sectors to increase social use of the Welsh language in the city. Business advice on increasing the use of Welsh in Bangor visually and interpersonally. Translation and proofreading. Joint planning for various public events. Provide advice and assistance on urban developments that could have an impact on the language.

Projects / Activities

  • 6 day outdoor experience project in Snowdonia for up to 20 pupils in Year 7 and 11 from Tryfan Secondary School  (through the Urdd’s Outdoor Activity Service).

  • 3 day outdoor experience project in Snowdonia for up to 16 pupils in Year 7 and 11 from Friars School (through the Urdd’s  Outdoor Activity Service).

  • Yoga course in Popdy. Local Urdd branch meets weekly in Popdy (every Thursday night). Mindfulness course in Popdy for staff who speak Welsh but lack confidence to use it.

  • Tryfan Secondary School lower sixth form Language Leaders (known as Tryfan Language Initiative) and Friars school (Camau Mawr Cymraeg).

  • Targeting sports clubs, nurseries and primary health care providers by providing advice and support for increasing the visual of Welsh and providing training sessions to raise the confidence of Welsh spoken staff who lack confidence.


Who’s part of the project?

Menter Iaith Bangor (Bangor Welsh Language Initiative) was established as a private body in 2016 by Companies House and Hunaniaeth, Menter Iaith Gwynedd and Gwynedd Council. Day to day partners include Urdd Outdoor Activity Service, Menter Iaith Tryfan and Camau Mawr Cymraeg who are the lower six language leaders from Tryfan Secondary School and Friars School, Coleg Menai, and freelancers such as the football commentator Owain Tudur Jones and Minfulness training practitioner Mariel Jones.

When did the centre open?

The centre has been the home for the manager and development officer since July 2016 and it was officially opened by Alun Davies AM on 14th October 2016.

Where’s the centre?

Lôn Popdy, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 1HR

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