There are 23 Mentrau Iaith/Welsh Language Initiatives across Wales providing opportunities for all ages across the country to use the Welsh language

If you need any advice or information about Welsh and bilingual services in your area and how to find it then your local Menter Iaith really is your first port of call.

By now there is a Menter Iaith serving every county in Wales. 

These are local language initiatives which support communities to increase and develop their use of the Welsh language.

In practical terms this means that they run all kinds of activities for people of all ages, backgrounds and languages to socialise and enjoy themselves through the medium of Welsh. This includes parents, families, children and young people, adults and those learning the language. A Menter will offer free advice and assistance to individuals, organisations and businesses and it organises activities and community projects to promote the use of the Welsh language.

Your local Menter Iaith could tailor its services to the needs of your area but it could be offering advice to:

  • new parents and families on raising their children bilingually and Welsh medium education
  • public and voluntary organisations on how to increase their use of Welsh 
  • businesses eager to begin to offer a bilingual service to their customers

It could also arrange a range of social activities, from festivals to training courses, aimed at every one interested in Welsh but in particular children and young people and Welsh learners so they can use their Welsh outside the classroom.

To find out how to contact your local Menter Iaith go their website and check out what they've got planned in your area.

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