Highlights include



Welsh News and Media

From print and online, to radio, TV, YouTube and Twitter

The Family

Welsh for all the family

Children and Young People

Football and festivals to drama, swimming and white water rafting

Young People

Welsh isn’t just for school.

Festivals and Events

Wales has its very own season, with the Welsh language at its heart

Religion and Welsh

How religions across Wales support the language in our communities

Living Outside of Wales

Opportunities to enjoy the Welsh language and culture wherever you may be

Welsh in your area

A resource pack to help local groups plan and take action to encourage the use of Welsh locally

Welsh Societies

Find out more

Clubs and Organisations

Clubs and Organisations

Mentrau Iaith - Welsh Language Initiatives

Working to support the Welsh language advice in your local area

Yr Urdd

The chance for kids and young people to socialise in Welsh

Young Farmers

Run by young people for young people

Merched y Wawr

There's a branch in your area



Contemporary Music

From rock to pop to contemporary folk

Classical Music

From choral singing to pop music, brass bands and folk


Welsh theatre at its best


Dance traditions of Wales


Bards, authors and playwrights


Art from Wales over the centuries




Buy Welsh

Days Out

A chance to escape, explore and enjoy your Welsh

Welsh Language Centres

Centres established to support the Welsh language.

Yr Hen Lyfrgell - Cardiff

Cardiff's Multifunctional Welsh Language Centre

Y Lle - Llanelli

Llanelli's Multi-purpose Welsh Language Centre

Yr Atom – Carmarthen

Making Carmarthen a truly bilingual town



Language Centre – Henry Richard School, Tregaron

Language Centre – Henry Richard School, Tregaron

Tŷ’r Gwrhyd - Pontardawe

Tŷ’r Gwrhyd - Pontardawe

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