Offering a bilingual service to the public is a benefit for your business - but how do you assess your staff's Welsh language skills so that you can reach that goal?

Offering a bilingual service to the public is a benefit for your business and assessing the Welsh language skills of your staff enables you to:

  • plan strategically the organisation's capacity to deliver services through the medium of Welsh, and;
  • help plan a Welsh in the Workplace training programme effectively.

The ‘Welsh Workplace’ resource helps employers in the private, public and voluntary sector to assess their language skills.

The Workplace Welsh website is being re-developed to ensure the service is sustainable in the long term. Although it is currently unavailable while it's being developed, the intention is to make the service available again as soon as possible.

If you would like to be informed once the new service is available or have any other queries; please let us know via the How to contribute page.

The descriptions below give an indication of an employee’s level in Welsh for all skills and levels. The descriptions based on ‘can-do’ statements can be used to provide an indication of Welsh language skills level while the on-line assessments are being re-developed.

For employers and workers within the health and social care services, information regarding Welsh language skills in your workforce and advice on how you can assess and record your staff’s Welsh language skills are available here.

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