Everyone already speaks English There is no added value in using the Welsh language in business

    • Customers want an experience when dealing with businesses. Welsh can be a part of offering an experience that feels more personal and local
    • 83% of Welsh speakers say they will remain loyal if you provide a bilingual service


We could not provide a Welsh language service as I do not speak the language

    • A positive attitude can be a good start, e.g. greet your customers with “Bore da/Prynhawn Da”, you can find some simple vocab here
    • Do you have Welsh speaking staff that could use their language skills with your customers? You don’t have to speak Welsh to show support for the language. You could for example try introducing bilingual signage and bilingual social media messages. Your local Welsh in Business officer can help with this.
    • There is value to all levels of Welsh


Not many of my customers speak Welsh so I don’t see the point

    • Although you have not heard your customers speaking Welsh, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn't appreciate a Welsh language service
    • You may have customers that speak Welsh without knowing. People do not always ask for a Welsh language service unless it is obvious that it is available
    • Many non-Welsh speaking customers like to see and hear the Welsh language being used, such as non-Welsh speaking parents who choose to send their children to Welsh-medium education
    • Many visitors are interested in the Welsh language and are looking to experience something different from the usual when travelling
    • What do the Census statistics tell you about local speakers in your area?


Using Welsh won't make any difference to my income

    • It is difficult to give clear evidence either way, but it will make a difference to the service you offer, and Welsh speaking customers will notice the change and tell other people about the fact that the business has started/has increased its use of Welsh
    • A business that uses or shows a positive attitude towards the Welsh language can inform the decision of a Welsh-speaking customers to buy and gives you an opportunity to offer something extra to your customers


Two languages, twice the cost

    • The service offered by the Welsh in Business officers is free, including materials, their expertise and short translations such as social media messages, menus and posters
    • When you are updating materials e.g. signs, menus, it's an opportunity to think about Welsh content and by incorporating bilingualism at the planning stage the cost can be reduced quite considerably.
    • The Welsh Language Commissioner provides a proof reading service of up to 1,000 words free of charge


I and/or my Welsh speaking staff are worried about making mistakes (e.g. on signs/advertisements) and that the business will be criticised

    • When using Welsh on signs, you can take advantage of the services provided by the Welsh in Business officers which are free
    • In terms of speaking Welsh, give it a go, people always appreciate the effort. What about starting with some simple greetings to start?
    • There are a number of courses available 'including some online' that can help


There are no Welsh speakers locally to work in the business

    • Have you spoken to your local school/college? Welsh education now exists in all parts of Wales
    • If you have local school pupils on work experience, emphasise to them and the school that you would like them to use their Welsh language skills

Welsh Brew Tea

The Swansea-based family tea company says the Welsh language has largely contributed to its global success.

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