This section is used to share various Welsh Government Translation Service resources which cannot be included in TermCymru or the other sections of the BydTermCymru site.
 Some of these additional resources will be in draft form.

Others, such as the archive of our newsletter 'Y Pethau Bychain', are historical materials which may be of interest to you.

The intention in all cases is to share resources which may be of use to translators and others.

All these resources are published under version 3.0 of the OGL licence.

Y Pethau Bychain

On the right of this page, you'll find a link to a collection of all editions of our newsletter 'Y Pethau Bychain', which was published by the Welsh Government Translation Service in 2014.

TermCymru on META-SHARE

The TermCymru termbase is published in its entirety on the META-SHARE website every four months, from where you can download it on to your computer.

List of standard bilingual road signs

This is an Excel spreadsheet listing the text of all the standard bilingual road signs which Welsh highways authorities can erect without asking for authorisation from the Welsh Government.

The text is taken from the authoritative drawings available in PDF format from the Traffic Wales website. We recommend that you use the spreadsheet in conjunction with these PDF files in order to see the full context of the signs in question. Follow this link to the Traffic Wales site, click on the words "Traffic Signs Documentation", choose the relevant heading, and click on the number of the drawing as it appears in the spreadsheet.

The Welsh Government is preparing to review these drawings.

Please note that the text has been taken as it appears in the PDF files, including elements like place-names used as examples. Do not take for granted that the forms of place-names as they appear in the text of these signs are the approved forms.

Where a symbol appears on a sign, [symbol] has been included in the spreadsheet.

The list of standard bilingual road signs is a draft resource.

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Welsh Government Translation Service's newsletter

Welsh Government Translation Service's newsletter

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