Did you know that you can use some of your favourite apps in Welsh with Apple iOS8 onwards?

One of the features on Apple’s operating systems from iOS8 onwards is that you can choose Welsh as your favourite language for apps. This means that some apps that have a multilingual interface will display in Welsh after downloading.

All you need to do in your ‘Settings’ is to add Cymraeg in the ‘Language & Region’ sub-section. Then you can move Welsh to first place on your language list. This will mean that any apps or websites that have a Welsh language option will automatically open in Welsh. You can see screenshots and follow more detailed visual instructions on Haciaith’s website.

Popular apps with a Welsh language interface option have recently featured on Apple’s ‘Best New Apps’ list:

SNAP/CAM: an app that allows you to create and order books from the photos on your phone.

ETA: a GPS system that gives information on your estimated time of arrival when travelling from place to place.

The snowboarding game Alto Adventure also has the Welsh language interface option and has been included recently in Apple's ’15 Most Beautiful Games’ list.

The Welsh versions of these apps have been created by Applingua thanks to financial support from the Welsh Goverment's Welsh-language Technology and Digital Media Fund, with more apps on the way.

If you’re interested in using and creating technology through the medium of Welsh then you can find more information on our Technology pages.

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