Are you keen to learn Welsh? This app could help you follow Cwrs Mynediad (Introductory course)

Cwrs Mynediad is the standard course for adults beginning to learn Welsh. The App is designed to help beginners that are following the Cwrs Mynediad course but is useful even if you aren’t following the course. The App provides material suitable for anyone interested in learning the language with the first 10 units included.

Each unit contains the following: 

  • Patterns: words and phrases with audio so that you can see and hear key language patterns
  • Vocabulary: new words introduced in the unit
  • Grammar: details of grammar that is introduced in each unit, including mutations and verbs
  • Exercises: audio exercises where you can practise speaking and understanding 
  • Dialogues: hear examples of Welsh conversation

You can download the app for £4.99 on iphones here.

If you’re not sure about learning Welsh you can find much more information on our Learning pages.

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