To support this year’s television series his week Cariad@Iaith, the brand new ‘Learn Cymraeg Mynediad’ and ‘Learn Cymraeg Sylfaen’ apps are now available to download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

The North Wales Welsh for Adults Centre, Bangor University, has developed the two interactive apps for Welsh learners. The result is a fun, comprehensive, easy to use app to help Welsh learners outside the classroom.

The app includes several interactive templates which allows learners to practice their Welsh language skills outside the classroom. These templates include word searches, voice recording, listening tasks, and multiple choice questions.

Both apps are officially launched on the S4C television series Cariad@Iaith which begins on June 14, 2015. The series which sees eight celebrities 'eat, sleep and learn Welsh' in the hope of being crowned this year’s champion is sponsored by the Welsh Government.

Nia Parry, the series' presenter and Welsh tutor says:

"This new app is a great learning resource, it’s like having a Welsh tutor in your pocket. You can use it while you're on the bus or train, relaxing in the garden or on the toilet! It is a good way to practice a little and often."

Wales's first minister Carwyn Jones says:

"Technology has a very important role in supporting learners, and there is an increased demand for e-learning provision in Welsh for Adults.  Congratulations Bangor University for developing this app."

The North Wales Welsh for Adults Centre has invested in another app for the Intermediate level and he hopes to launch it early in the next academic year.

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