It is now exam season for many pupils and students. If you are one of many preparing for exams remember that there are Welsh language resources to help you revise.

There are plenty of handy resources available for most subjects on the web to help you through the exam period.


Many schools across the country use the Hwb resources such as:

  • Revision materials
  • Activities
  • Short lessons
  • Short units to support schoolwork

These resources are available in many formats such as video clips, audio, interactive websites and aps.

Ask your school for more information or visit the Hwb website.


The Welsh BBC Bitesize offers many revision resources for revising for your GCSEs. There are also revision sessions on every module, a variety of activities to test your understanding through short tests.

Worried about maths? offers Welsh language help for Entry Level, GCSE and A Level maths which includes puzzles, old exam papers, quizzes and videos. You also have tips for good ways to review and practice your knowledge. You can also follow a @mathematic electricity account for getting the latest videos and tips.

Need a hand with science?

Science Revision is a revision app by Bangor University for GCSE science. You can download it for free for iPad and iPhone and for Android devices.


WJEC is the main examination body in Wales which distributes qualifications and examination assessments in Wales.

On the WJEC website you can find past exam papers for a wide range of subjects to help you prepare for your exams, all for free. You can also visit their online shop to get hold of revision guidelines and other set books to help you revise.

Revision Books

You can also search through a long list of Welsh language revision books for all sorts of subjects on the Gwales website.

Other Resources

Fesul Gair (Apple) - An app which makes understanding Welsh poetry easier and more fun.
BBC Bitesize (Apple) (Android) - Revision support for numerous subjects, including Welsh.
GPC Geiriadur Welsh Dictionary (Apple) - University of Wales Welsh language dictionary
Ap Cywirdeb Iaith (Apple) - The app and website have been created for learners of Welsh as a second language in KS5
CALC Smart (Apple) - A Smart calculator that assists with Maths, available through Welsh
Ap Sglein (Apple) (Android) - Assists with studying Welsh first language, including grammar tests
Wmff! (Apple) (Android) - An unique bilingual app offering practical solutions, live messaging, forums and more for those being bullied or those having difficulty staying in education.
Tiwtor Mathemateg (Apple) (Android) - The Maths Tutor App contains six individual Apps that cover key curriculum topics
App Geiriaduron (Apple) (Android) - Bangor University's Dictionary App

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