Doing 'Little Things in Welsh' everyday
Do the #LittleThingsInWelsh in the New Year.

Little things lead on to big things and you can make a big difference by increasing the amount of Welsh you use in day to day life. Why not give these a try? 

  • Greet someone with Bore da/Prynhawn da
  • Add a few Welsh words or phrases into your text messages "Hwyl fawr" 
  • Watch S4C with subtitles to learn some new vocabulary
  • Try the Welsh option at the self-service till at the supermarket

Take a look at our #LittleThingsInWelsh video for more ideas.

Want to learn more Welsh? The Welsh for Adults Centres offer a number of courses for every level, from short taster courses to proficiency levels. Take a look at our course finder to find a course near you. There are also many ways to practise your Welsh and build your confidence. Take a look at our Building Confidence page for ideas.

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