Gwobr Shwmae 2018
Sharon Ackroyd and her two boys, Morgan and Rhys, are originally from Yorkshire, but have lived in Pembrokeshire since 2015. Sharon recently won the Cymraeg i Blant award at the Shwmae! Sir Benfro Awards, which recognises a parent who has taken advantage of Cymraeg for Kids provision in an attempt to introduce Welsh to their child.


All three of us are Yorkshire born, however I brought my children here to have a slower way of life in a location that will hold many great childhood memories. When we first arrived the boys were very small, and I didn’t think too much about the Welsh language and how we were going to adapt to it, but as time went on and I started thinking about where they were going to go to school, I decided to start going to the Cymraeg for Kids sessions.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first went, and was worried that everyone would be fluent Welsh speakers and that I wouldn’t be able to pick it up, but by the end of the session I was singing along to the songs, and the kids loved it. We started attending the sessions every week after that, and I encouraged my friends to come along too.

“The boys are now four and five years old and are in a Welsh-medium school, and I’ve also started learning Welsh myself. I recently went to the Clwb Cwtsh, which has enabled me to help my children with their homework, and I can read, sing and spell with them in Welsh. I’ve just started a course to learn Welsh now too, and the things I picked up through Cymraeg for Kids have been a big help so far.

“Attending the Cymraeg for Kids sessions and engaging with the Welsh language has made me feel very much at home in Wales. The sessions were a great stepping stone into Welsh-medium education for the boys, and I hope this will open the door to more options for them in the future.”

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