Naomi Parratt from Chepstow started going to Cymraeg for Kids sessions when her son, Dylan, was just five weeks old, and feels it’s important to give him the opportunity to learn Welsh from a young age.

“The Cymraeg i Blant sessions were recommended to us by a friend shortly after Dylan was born. We were really keen for Dylan to start to get a grasp of Welsh from an early age and were looking for groups to attend in the local area, so it sounded perfect for us and it certainly did not disappoint! The baby massage group in Caldicot was the first baby group we attended, and I have to admit I was a bit nervous, especially as I didn’t really speak any Welsh, but Liz (who leads the groups) was so welcoming and we loved it right from the start.

“We started going to sessions when Dylan was just five weeks old, so there were a few sessions where he fed almost the whole way through, a session when he slept the whole way through, and a session where he was over-tired and just wanted to be rocked, but Liz was always happy for us to go with the flow.

“There are so many positives about Cymraeg i Blant - I love that the sessions are so relaxed and welcoming. I also love being able to learn Welsh songs and rhymes to sing with Dylan at home, learning along side him, and of course the magical effect that Liz has on the babies!

“My partner, Rhys, and I are very keen for Dylan to be able to speak Welsh and feel it’s important for him to have the chance to learn the language, as his dad grew up in the area at a time when there were not as many opportunities to learn Welsh if you weren’t from a Welsh speaking family as there are today. We feel strongly that it is important for the Welsh language to survive, particularly on the borders where we live, as there are fewer Welsh speaking families than in other areas of Wales.

“Rhys and I started learning Welsh around the time Dylan was born. We use some basic Welsh phrases at home with him, like ‘Bore Da’ in the morning and ‘Nos Da’ at night, as well as using the Welsh words we know when pointing out things like animals when we’re out walking. We also love singing the lovely catchy songs that we’ve learnt in the sessions - it’s great having the song sheets to be able to bring home.”

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