Will you be supporting Wales in the Six Nations this year? Why not do so in Welsh?

On Television

S4C are broadcasting all of the Wales games in the competition, including two of the Under 20s national team. Highlights from the Wales Womens’ Six Nations games will also be shown on Clwb. 

As well as the excitement of the games, you can join the fun and leg pulling on Jonathan - the lively talk show hosted by ex-rugby international Jonathan Davies which starts on February 5, 2016. The series runs throughout the course of the championship - take a look at S4C’s Rugby site for more information.

On Radio

With live commentary from all of Wales’ games on BBC Radio Cymru's 'Camp Lawn' so can follow our national team in Welsh wherever you are.


BBC Cymru Fyw and Golwg 360 websites can keep you up to date with their live streams with scores, rugby news, team announcements and much more.


If you'd like to practise our national anthem or learn ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ in 4 part harmony you can do so on the Gwlad Gwlad app.

The Codwr Canu app is also very handy to have to hand if you fancy joining in the mass singing during the games. With words for popular songs like Ar Hyd y Nos, Calon Lan and Fflat Huw Puw you can make sure you learn and sing the right words every time.

How about playing yourself by kicking from the spot with the RYC app?

If you’re using social media then show your support for our team in Welsh by using the #CmonCymru and #6Gwlad hashtags.

Download our C'mon Cymru posters and a zipped digital pack which includes colour-in sheets for the younger members of the family. You can also order posters by emailing cymraeg@cymru.gsi.gov.uk 

C’mon Cymru!

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