It’s easier than ever to learn Welsh.  Whether you want to learn online, attend an evening class or follow an intensive residential course, there’s something for you.  So why not begin to "Dysgu Cymraeg" now?

Welsh for Adults

Your local Welsh for Adults centre is a good place to start. Currently, there are 11 regional centres that provide courses across a number of localities and you’ll always find one close to your home or place of work.

The centres offer a range of courses at different levels, from beginners to fluent speakers - speak directly to the staff at your local centre - they're only too happy to help and advise. You can also gauge your level with a new self-assessment online tool or an online test on the BBC Wales website.

Lefel Mynediad (Entry) courses are for complete beginners, where the emphasis is on conversational Welsh.  At Lefel Sylfaen (Foundation), students are able to expand their speaking skills, while at Lefel Canolradd (Intermediate), more writing, reading and listening is introduced.

Lefel Uwch (Advanced) helps students strengthen their written skills and Lefel Hyfedredd (Proficiency) courses are for experienced learners as well as for people who speak Welsh as a first language and want to improve their skills.

Click on your region to find details of your nearest Welsh for Adults Centre:

Welsh for the Family

The Centres also offer a new 'Welsh for the Family' beginners’ course that’s growing in popularity.  It focuses on the fun element of learning, allowing parents to learn the language following the same steps as children at school. Crèche facilities are also available for some lessons.

Online or blended learning

Online learning or blended learning, where you attend a class for a few hours a week, and then complete tasks online, can be convenient and effective too.  Podcasts, apps and learner forums are available as part of numerous online or blended learning courses.  The Centres and Say Something in Welsh are just a few of the providers. The Open University also offers Welsh language distance learning.

Fast-track and residential learning

Some people prefer to learn at pace by attending several hours of tuition each week. The Centres provide courses where you attend up to nine hours every week and make quick progress on your journey to learn Welsh.

Nant Gwrtheyrn, on the Llŷn Peninsular in North Wales, offers residential Welsh language courses in a beautiful coastal setting throughout the year. The Centres also provide summer courses between one-eight weeks at locations across Wales.

Practice & Enjoy

Once you’ve mastered the basics, there are plenty of opportunities to practise your Welsh.  There are ‘hubs’ such as Saith Seren in Wrexham, Tŷ Tawe in Swansea and Theatr Soar in Merthyr Tydfil, which organise Welsh language music gigs, walking trips and drama productions, to name just a few activities.  They also have cafes and bars where you can socialise in Welsh.

Wherever you live your local Menter Iaith should have a wealth of opportunities for you to socialise in Welsh, through classes and activities.  The Wales-wide network of local initiatives support communities to live, work and socialise in Welsh - whatever your level.

Media and Online

Don’t forget you can work on your Welsh on social media, online and by just sitting in front of the TV. S4C, which broadcasts wholly in Welsh, has a new strand Dal Ati (Keep at It) for Welsh learners every Sunday morning or via the on-demand service Clic. English language subtitles are available on most of S4C's programmes. 

Why not listen to BBC Radio Cymru Welsh radio programmes, available live or on the i-Player, download its weekly podcast for more advanced learners or follow its online service Cymru Fyw. Find out more on our Welsh language News and Media page.

National Centre for Learning Welsh

The Centre is a national body responsible for all aspects of the Welsh for Adults education programme. It operates as a body at arm’s length from Government and has a clear vision for the future.

The Centre is a visible institution setting a national strategic direction for the Welsh for Adults sector. It provides leadership for Welsh for Adults providers and aims to raise standards in teaching and learning in Welsh for Adults. The Centre are developing an engaging, appropriate and high quality national curriculum and will produce resources suitable for all kinds of learners.

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