The facility for searching TermCymru has been updated and improved. The aim is to make it simpler and faster for you to find suitable and appropriate terms for your work.

TermCymru is based on an English>Welsh terminology database. Details such as parts of speech etc are not recorded for the English terms. Due to the nature of the database, you are given the option of searching from Welsh to English or from English to Welsh.

Searching from English to Welsh is the default option, but you can change this to search from Welsh to English by clicking on the button to the right of the search box

On the search page

If you are searching for a specific phrase, you don’t need to use double quote marks around those words. Any exact matches will appear towards the top of the results list.

If you are searching for a multi-word term or title, if may be quicker to search for some of the more unusual words rather than the entire term or title, eg
housing fraud detection rather than prevention of social housing fraud (detection of fraud) (wales) regulations

You can also search for parts of words, eg
soc rent hous

If you are unsure of the spelling of a particular term, you can use asterisks in the search term in place of any characters you are unsure of. For example you can search for advis*r if you are unsure whether the English-language term uses the spelling ‘advisor’ or ‘adviser’.

This is especially useful when your search is for a word or phrase which might include hyphens. For example, a search for fly*tipping will find the English-language term whether it contains a hyphen or not.

At present, a search using two separate words for a term which is a single, hyphenated word in the database will not yield results. For example, a search for self assessment will not find ‘self-assessment’. We will work to ensure that this issue is resolved in Phase 2 of BydTermCymru. In the meantime we suggest that you use an asterisk, as explained above, to search for terms which may contain a hyphen.

If you want to limit your results to a specific subject, you can choose that subject from the dropdown list.

Click on 'Search'.

On the results page, you will see all the information related to the terms which are found. Here, you can choose to reduce the number of details.

Click on any result to show only the details for that term.

At this stage you can also use the relevant dropdown lists to:

  • change the number of results that appear on each screen (the default option is 10, but you can change this to 20 or 50 results per page)
  • arrange your results according to relevance, date or alphabetical order
  • limit your results to a specific subject.

An explanation of the various fields can be found on the TermCymru Fields page.

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