Welcome to BydTermCymru, the portal for the Welsh Government Translation Service’s resources. BydTermCymru aims to be an innovative collection of materials to aid the Welsh Government’s internal and external translators. It includes our terminology database, TermCymru, as well as a host of other useful resources for translators.

As well as an updated version of TermCymru, BydTermCymru also includes

  • a searchable version of the Translation Service’s general style guide, 'Yr Arddulliadur'
  • resources for translating legislative texts
  • translation memories for you to download and use in your translation memory software
  • an archive of our newsletter, 'Y Pethau Bychain'.

These are published on the web in the hope that they will also be useful not only for Welsh Government translators but also for translators in general and, indeed, for anyone working in a bilingual environment.

Not all of these features are available as we launch BydTermCymru, but they will appear soon. We will also be refining some aspects of BydTermCymru over the coming months. For example, we will be refining the facility for searching TermCymru from Welsh to English.

Also we will shortly be adding more resources, including vocabulary-based resources which will be simultaneously searchable with TermCymru.

From the menu on the right, you can view other pages to give get  more background and guidance.

Put BydTermCymru in your Favourites and come back to visit us regularly to see the latest developments!

In this section

About TermCymru

An explanation of the TermCymru database

How to search TermCymru

An explanation of how to search TermCymru

The status of terms

The status of terms

TermCymru fields

A description of all the fields in TermCymru

The improved TermCymru

How TermCymru has changed

Forthcoming changes

A description of changes under consideration

The meaning of 'term' and 'terminology standardization'

An explanation of the meaning of 'term' and 'terminology standardization'

New Cabinet and Minister titles

New Cabinet and Minister titles

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